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    AnHui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd. - SiteMap

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    Products Category

    Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire(OPGW)
    OPGW Fibre Optical Ground Wire
    Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable

    Products List

    OPGW Optical Ground Wire | Bare Copper - Stranded | Tinned Copper - Stranded | Bare Copper - Solid | Tinned Bare Copper - Solid | Galvanized Guy Wire / Static Wire | Copper Clad Steel | Aluminum Clad Steel Wire and Strand | Polyethylene Covered Solid Copper-Clad Steel Wire | Duplex Service Drop - Aluminum Conductor | Triplex Service Drop Aluminum Conductor | Quadruplex Service Drop Cable Aluminum Conductor | AAAC ( All Aluminium Alloy Conductors ) | ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced ) | ACSR/AW (Aluminium Conductor Aluminium Clad Steel Reinforced) | All Aluminum Conductor(AAC) | Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced | ACAR Aluminum Conductor Aluminum-Alloy Reinforced | AL Covered Line Wire | CU Weatherproof Line Wire | Cathodic Protection Cable | Transformer Riser Wire | 2kV Copper PV Wire | 2kV Aluminum Photovoltaic Wire | Welding Cable | Jumper Cable Transformer Lead Wire Non-Shielded 5KV/15KV 90C | SOOW/SEOOW Cables | Magnet Crane Cable | Diesel Locomotive Car Cable | Type G Round Cable | Mine Power Feeder Cable | SHD-GC 3-Conductor EPR/CPE, 25kV 100% Insulation Level - 90oC | ADSS All Dielectric Self-Supporting Fiber Optic Cable | CONTROL CABLE FR-XLPE Insulated Conductors, PVC Jacket, 600V | Power Cable FR-XLPE Insulated Conductors, PVC Jacket, 600V | CONTROL CABLE FR-XLPE Insulated Conductors, CPE Jacket, 600V | CONTROL CABLE FR-XLPE Insulated Conductors, CU Shield, CPE Jacket, 600V | Control Cable with PVC Insulation and Sheath | Thermocouple Control Cable | 35KV or Lower Power Cable with XLPE Insulation | PVC Insulation & Sheath Power Cable of 0.6/1 kV or Lower | Metallic Shielding Power Cable | Power Flexible Cable for Telecommunication Power Supply | Electrical Wire with PVC Insulation | Control Cable with XLPE Insulation and PVC Sheath | Intrinsic Safety Type Computer Shielding Cable | Computer Shielding Cable (Cable for DSC System) | Soft Rubber Sheath Cable for General Purpose | 1E Class Cable for Nuclear Power Station | Mining Cable XLPE Insulation Flame Retardant 8.7/10kV or Lower | Mining Cable PVC Insulation Flame Retardant 3.6/6kV or Lower | Mining Flame Retardant Portable Flexible Cable with Rated Voltage of 0.66/1.14kV or Lower for Coal Mine | Vessel Control Cable with PVC Insulation and Sheath | Vessel Power Cable with PVC Insulation and Sheath | Vessel Radio-frequency Cable | High Temperature Resistance (Flame Resistance) Power Cable | Soft Power Cable with Silicon Rubber Insulation (flame retardant) | Silicon Rubber (flame retardant) Flat Power Cable | Silicon Rubber (flame retardant) Control Soft Cable | Control Cable with Low Smoke, Low Halogen and Flame Retardant | Low Smoke No Halogen Flame Retardant Fire Resistant Cable | High-temperature resistant control cable with fluoroplastics insulation | Butadiene PVC Compound Soft Cable | Self-thermal Control Heating Cable | Round Meter Socket 100A | Copper-bonded Ground Rods | HIGH VOLTAGE CABLES | Distribution Cable Terminations | Quadruplex Conductor 600 V Secondary Type URD Cable | Triplex Conductor 600 V Secondary Type URD Cable | Duplex Conductor 600 V Secondary Type URD Cable - Aluminum Conductor | Single Conductor 600 V Secondary Type UD Cable Aluminum Conductor | Hardware and fittings for ultra high voltage | Transmission Line Hardware | Damper, Spacer Damper and Protection Accessories | Dead End | Suspension Clamps | Hardware fittings for Insulator String | Splice and Sleeve | Substation Hardware & Fittings | Assembly type RTD(Resistance Temperature Detector) | Assembly type Thermocouples | Sheath RTD(Resistance Temperature Detector) | Sheath Thermocouple | Pressure Gauges | Bimetallic Thermometer | Self-Damping Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced ACSR/SD | 600 Volt Underground XLPE 90°C Service and Secondary Cable | Aluminum Clad Steel Wire/ACS Single Wire | AL USE-2/RHH/RHW-2 | Pressure Transmitter | Aluminum Conductor Fiber Reinforced | Liquid level indicator | Aluminized zinc steel strand conductor |

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    Company News
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    News List

    Mozambique guest comes to visit Anhui Electric Group Shares Co., Ltd | The Vice Governor of Anhui Province Fang Chunming and his companions are present in our Group to have a survey | Copper conductor power cable VS Aluminum conductor power cable | AAAC ACSR AAC Conductors | Why buy from Anhui Electric Group? | What is SOOW Cable or SOOW Cord (600V)? | ACAR Introduction---Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced | Foreign Trade Operation Registration Certification of Anhui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd. | COPPER-VERSUS-ALUMINUM CONDUCTORS (by Anhui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd.) | Halogen Free Cables (by Anhui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd.) | 6061 Aluminium Alloy (Anhui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd) | Frisco letter says proposed routes for high-voltage transmission line violate city plans, state policy | ABB wins its first variable-speed ring-geared mill drive order in Namibia | Xcel Energy wants to add more solar, wind power | U.S. Navy Puts $30M into New Energy Development | Introduction of Anhui Electric Group Shares Co.,Ltd. | Vestas receives 400 MW turbine order for wind-energy projects in Texas, USA | China’s Trade Surplus in Wire and Cable Increased to 13.2 Billion Yuan in H1 | IAEA: Nuclear power to grow by at least 17% by 2030 | Tokyo Electric Power Co. wants to restart 2 nuclear reactors | 2013 China International Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition Kicked off in Shanghai | Edison begins to dismantle massive powerline towers in Chino Hills | State Grid: Both Global Power Installation and Consumption to Rise 60% by 2030 | Chinese Version of Smart Grid Communications and Networking Published | Myanmar's wind power attracts Thai and other foreign firms | Solar PV To Out-Pace Wind Power This Year | Kenya: Extra Lines to Supply Nairobis CBD Power | New Zealand builds largest off-grid power system in Bamyan | Power Line Communication (PLC) Systems Market | ADB to Provide $500 Million for Renewable Energy Transmission System in India | South African Guest Comes to Visit Anhui Electric Group Shares Co.,LTD. | Electric Power Transmission in the US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated | Aluminium Wire Rod, Aluminium Conductors- ACSR Conductor, AAC, AAAC Conductor, Al59 Conductor | Aluminum Overhead Conductors | General Introduction on Aluminum Conductors | Siemens earns order for 150-MW wind power project in Canada | Aluminum Conductor and Wire Lacks Acceptance of Market | Aluminum vs. Copper Conductors in Electrical Engineering | Aluminum wire | Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) Cables | Anhui Electric Group AAAC Cables | Meng Fulin, Former Director of Anhui National People's Congress Standing Committee Inspected Our Group and Guided the Work | China’s longest cross-sea levee cable completed | Nexans technical conference presents a new start for overhead power lines | ViaWest selects GE to power its data centers | About Anhui Electric | Anhui Electric Group receives US$86 M. order from Cambodian government | How do I know what size wire to buy? | Aluminum quadruplex | BT awards £26.9m subsea cabling contract to three firms | The Project Leader of the Iron Peak Coal Zeng Zifang Mine Coal Yard of the Enterprise Visited Anhui Electric Group | Anhui Electric Group Organized to Carry Out Fire Safety Training | YY Control Cable Details and Information | Transmission line plans subject of Wed. meeting in Alpine | Fiber optic cable to link BIMP-Eaga | The Leaders of China Power League and SGCC Visited Anhui Electric Group | Aluminum to replace copper as a conductor in on-board power systems | AAC - All Aluminium Conductor | AAAC - All Aluminium Alloy Conductor | ACSR - Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced | Profibus and Profinet Cable | Armoured Cable | Electrical Cables | Rubber Flexible Cable | Power Cables | The Leaders of China Power League and SGCC Visited Anhui Electric Group | Quadruplex Aluminum Service Drop Cable ACSR Bronco 336.4 | Copper Rod Breakdown with Annealing Production Line | 女人被狂躁C到高潮视频_AV高清无码_久久综合经典国产二区无码_欧洲高清免费一级视频